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Stunning Boho Beach Vacation Festival Wedding Honeymoon Resort Barefoot Sandals

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Condition: New without tags
Designer/Brand: Modern Romantics
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States


Absolutely stunning, unique,  one of a kind Stunning Boho Beach Vacation Festival Wedding  Barefoot Sandals.  One size fits all.

These gorgeous sandals are made of laces, chiffon flowers and glass beads.  They are hand-sewn and very well made.   They are not meant to match each sandal exactly.  Each sandal has it's own special and unique embellishments.  But they do match very closely.  The ankle straps are elastic ruffle lace.  Each strap has a rosette on the end.

The colors are ivory, peach, light pink and plum.  They are perfect for your beach wedding, vacation, honeymoon festival or just wearing around town with your sandals.  These are show stoppers. 

It should be noted that the foot mannequin is smaller than a life sized foot.  The barefoot sandals will not look quite as large on your own foot.